What's new in BuriBooks 3.0

  • New Look for the Learn Tab
  • Updated Pambatang Diksiyonaryo
  • Improved Customized Activities
  • BuriBooks Mystery

Improved Custom Activities

  • Sharpen your students skills with new question types.
  • New question types include:
    • Multiple Dropdown
    • Drag and Drop Ordering
    • Text Box




New Look for the Learn Tab

  • Icons are now organized for easier access.
  • Search for activities faster via the "Schools" icon.
  • The new "Reviewers" icon reveals all the reviewers to help students study topic learned at school.
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Updated Diksiyonaryo

  • Search for words you don't understand anytime! The Diksiyonaryo is now on the Home screen. Click on the Diksiyonaryo icon to start searching.
  • Words now have accompanying illustrations for easier understanding.





BuriBooks Mystery

Strange things are afoot and it’s up to the reader to decipher the mystery. Solve the questions by looking for the answers hidden in certain books. Encourage kids to read through the entire collection to crack the puzzle.